Monday, May 3, 2010

The Mundane and The Momentous

I have a lot on my mind, but not enough time in my day to keep a record of the many things I am thinking and the many ways I am trying to keep the important things in my life front and center. Sometimes front and center looks like this - - -

Like a watch battery...mine has not been working for 2 months.
And picking up the special laundry detergent I need to wash cloth diapers....our supply was low.
And hoping the Cavs beat the Celtics. GO CAVS!
And kicking the soccer ball around the yard with Blueberry.
And planning summer fun - our family plans are slow to gel - individual plans are pretty well set.
And picking lettuce in C's hoop house (green house) for our dinner salad tonight - OMG, YUMMY!
And rocking Blueberry and singing songs to him while the laundry dries in the sun on the line. Fresh.
And reading Good Night Moon for the 5th time today - just because he loves it.
And hugging Mr. Silly Pants when he arrives home from work - just because he loves it :-)
And anticipating having all 4 kids home this Sunday night. Because I do so much of what I do for my family.

I have been in a good and productive conversation with some people I greatly respect regarding moving my learning along. I've got a lot of work to do as I learn to be an ally and and advocate. I don't "do" my work  well all the time. But I try - and while my effort is imperfect, I've made a pledge to allow myself to be perfectly imperfect in this work, I've given myself permission to ask a lot of questions, to be open to mentoring, and if I make a mess, to clean it up the best I can and move on.

One insightful person wrote to me today and said, "We could talk more about .... what it means to be an ally - and how one's intentions/approach get called into question... suffice it to say, I have an understanding of this....Unfortunately, it's an additional symptom of the larger dis-ease that exists with the virus of oppression..".

I was most interested in using the words "dis-ease" and  "virus of oppression." I must consider how these words influence how I think and act on this journey. Because that's what I'm doing.....making the journey.  The concept of  "dis-ease" sort of brings my mind into a gentler frame - I think that's a good thing. A gentler framing of where we each are, and how one might encourage movement, and acknowledging that none of us knows what we don't know. Words can become ways for me to remember how to affect myself and how to work for the good of my community. So, I am mulling over how "dis-ease", in particular, informs what I say, how I say it, and when I say it.

Finally, if you haven't read Tim Wise's recent piece on immigration, it's here. Go and read it. Tim has a very good grasp of the issues surrounding immigration (and Arizona) as they relate to racism. I'm furious about what is going on in Arizona. I'm furious and so is Tim.

And then there is that damn BP oil spill. I LOVES ME SOME BIRDS!!! (Migration is in full swing - the warblers are here, the warblers are here!).   My binoculars will be out in full working order this weekend.

It's a lot to digest - I crave line dried sheets and soccer balls and garden grown here's to more of that!


foreverisamoment said...

dyes. put so beautifully. It's a lot to balance, and you do it well.

When you stumble, make it part of the dance. Right? What else is there?

Mindy and Baldwin said...

I like the term "dis-ease" as well. It's really perfect.

The oil spill sickens my heart. I love me some birds, too, and dolphins and fish and fishermen, and beaches and waves, too. :(