Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feathers, Fridays, and Friends

I arrived home from work on Friday to 3 big kids and one little kid all 'game' for heading out for an hour of birding in the neighborhood conservation area. It's warbler season - birding is delightful. We texted Mr. SillyPants to pick up some pizzas on his way home with a plan to meet for dinner around 6:30. In the course of setting up our meet and greet for dinner, Waffles was encouraged to join us. He added 5-7 kids to the evening and an additional 3 pizzas. Done deal.

The sun was shining, our spirits were high, and we birded for an hour with Blueberry a constant source of entertainment , adding a touch of reality to any sort of serious birding. Such is life with a toddler. We arrived home to find 6 pizzas at the ready and carloads of kids unloading in the cul-de-sac.

Pizza on the deck was delightful. Mr. SillyPants cooked (Papa Murphy's - you can get 6 pizzas for a pretty good deal!) and cut the pizzas for the masses. I thought about his life - single and lived mostly in the adult realm....until he met me. Now, this is a fairly common scenario; he works a hard day and comes home to a full house and a certain amount of chaos, noise, demands (even if they are polite), and children's bodies. What endears me to Mr. SillyPants is his embrace of this - and the generosity of his effort. And what endears me to my life is the energy of 13 bodies in the house, and now one small boy who soaks it in.

Dinner was followed by some very silly slam dunk competitions around the Little Tyke basketball hoop, a backyard homerun derby, and a card game around the table. Finally Waffles posse headed out at 10 PM to another home. It was then that a text message arrived from Songbird to please put 4 towels downstairs for herself and her 3 friends who would be spending the night here after dancing..........

............and so it goes. Feathers, Fridays, and Friends. It doesn't get better.

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Stacy said...

I just love you guy. What an incredible home you have created ...