Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Anderson Cooper on "Race" - This week's series.

There are important discussions happening around race - some are  instigated by a recent CNN series (AC360) on Race. Here is the link: http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/05/13/doll.study/index.html?hpt=C2

The title, "Study: White and black children biased toward lighter skin" hints at the outcome of a  test aimed to re-create the landmark Doll Test from the 1940s: it all too quickly yielded "white preference" results. It's 2010 folks. It's time to talk about these things instead of being so self assured that we successfully practice racially neutral behaviors - I include myself in this "we".

Anderson Coopers piece on AC360 (Monday night's episode) is quite shocking. I'm horrified, worried, and angered by our collective inability to anchor change in the deepest fabric of our culture. A friend of mine wrote on FB, "there is no such thing as a colorblind society and as white parents it is our duty to proactively teach our children to combat the images media bombards on us and to not be racially bias." I agree wholeheartedly.Let me add, this is hard and constant work - work well worth it, but it's not easy.  Vigilence is necessary.

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