Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tim Wise-The Pathology of White Privilege Part 1/6

I'm a groupie of this man - I love his work.
There is a school in the eastern part of our country where this ENTIRE Tim Wise film was just recently shown to a student group (You can find this film on youtube in 6 parts). A teacher/ally writes about the impact of this video. In an e-mail he says, "I'm continuing with an interracial dialougue group at our local high school...I'm helping coach student facilitators to lead the group. This week we showed [this video]. It sparked some lively discussion and seemed to especially have quite an impact on the white students."
This is the work I want to do - to take this colleague's model and bring it to my school. I have a ton of data about how to create affinity tables, how to form parent groups, how to address equity issues, and how to build alliances with our local school board. It's a matter of breaking through the data collection phase and working on the implementation of one idea - as a springboard to others.
I hope I can really tackle the great ideas that others have put to work in other districts - perhaps in my free time this summer. Uh-oh, did someone say free time? I need a crew to move this along. Volunteers?

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