Monday, June 1, 2009

Waffles eats ... and eats .... and eats

Waffles keeps me laughing. He's got quite an appetite, as any 16 old boy should. We try to keep a pretty healthy kitchen, and most days Waffles enjoys our family food. But, because he lives in 2 homes, Waffles has the run of 2 stocked kitchens (he's here for 2 weeks, his dad's for 2 weeks and we live within walking distance from each other with an open and easy parenting arrangement). One thing we do know, our cupboards are not as rich in refined sugars as his dad's. I think the young men of our home wish it were a little different. In fact, Schwartz keeps quite a stash in his room to compensate for our lack of salty/sugary treats. Today I saw a chocolate chip cookie make its way up from his room.

Back to Waffles....He scoured the cabinets today and then declared he was going to visit his dad's house before soccer practice. This is what he reported, "I went to dad's where I ate 2 pop tarts, a bowl of coco crispies with soy milk, and I finished my snack with a chocolate granola bar that tastes like a chocolate candy bar that I dipped in tapioca pudding."

My counter attack for dinner included stuffed and baked portabella mushrooms, whole wheat pasta with butter and parmesan, organic grape tomatoes, finished off with a perfect organic pear. Do you think I successfully countered the junk food attack?

Now I'm feeling guilty. I might make a pan of brownies for the poor boys.

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FrogMom said...

I'm with you, M. My dad just came over with his Taco John's and fruit roll ups and destroyed my children's diets for the day. Do you think anyone is going to eat my parsnip puffs tonight?