Saturday, June 13, 2009

2 Moms - 2 Graduates - And a Backyard BBQ

Twinkletoes graduated from HS today

Schwartz graduated from HS today, the company of his two moms
Siblings of Twinkletoes were in attendance - although littlest was home napping

And she was in the company of dear friends - friends for a lifetime

Schwartz had a silbing present; Benni, from Finland!
Friends joined us to celebrate - wiffle ball was the game of choice
and Songbird's boyfriend, MathMan, gave Blueberry some excellent tips on hitting a ball

and brother Waffles helped the little beautiful brown Blueberry hit with a big stick
...and I enjoyed the kindness and smiles of Clementine, who adores Twinkletoes
today was a happy day for our family
It has been a busy week - but a fruitful one - and fruity one, too

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Deborah said...

OH ı lıked thıs post!! thanks for keeping us updated :D :D