Saturday, June 27, 2009

Site #29

We ditched site #29 tonight just as a big thunderstorm rolled into camp. We tossed everything we had into the back of the boat, covered it up, and made the short drive home to hot showers and a mosquito-less evening followed by what is going to be sweet sleep on a surface that doesn't feel like sleeping on cement. Um...what is the attraction to camping anyway? (Thinking......) Ah yes, the pictures tell the story of why camp at site #29 on a hot, humid, buggy, and rainy weekend: First, we had the super pleasure of camping with great families. The pancake breakfast was awesome. The park had a nice cool breeze and the kids mastered all of the slides and climbers. Waffles and Songbird made the perfect fire, assisted by Blueberry. Mr. Silly Pants took all of the wee ones out on the boat and delighted them with some first mate duties, including driving the boat. Clare brought her amazing potato salad to our campsite - with new potatoes fresh out of the garden. I'm hoping showing up with the good coffee and brewing it for the masses gets us solidly in the "cool club" and will include future invites for fun and frivolity. Plus, we really do have to salsa dance around the campfire! Next time, ok? Waffles looks a little worn out :-)


FrogMom said...

You were solidly in the cool club even before the coffee, but without a doubt Mr Sillypants' boat rides cinched it for you.

Amy and Eliana said...

looks cool - where is the campground located? In Madison?

Jean said...

Last weekend we went the pouring rain....the baby pooped through his last dry pair of jeans....I'm in the restroom trying to change him....he's dragging the diaper through the poop.....I give it to the 8 year old to hold....she leaves the building.....I'm chanting "I do this for the kids....I do this for the kids"... Really, I do love it once the rain stops!! Family around the campfire is PRICELESS!

D said...

I'd like to reserve the biggies for my site next year.

Middle son is telling everyone he can find that I stole your coffee cup. I will hold it as collateral until next year, only to be given back to you if you loan out at least 2 of the 3 biggies for my personal use over the weekend. We probably have your frisbee, too.

I'm a little unhappy with Mr. SillyPants. Until this weekend, my boys thought I was awesome for letting them use an inflatable jetski toy in the pool. Kinda pales in comparison to driving a real boat "SO FAST!!!!" Thanks for raising the bar.