Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dig It!

Guess what showed up in our backyard this morning?
We live on a park; just over the rise of our backyard is a volleyball court. It is a court in a bit of disrepair and we consider it our personal sand box. This morning the "park guys" showed up in all their glory, with kindness to spare, and went to work redigging and refilling the sand in the court. They did a marvelous job. And, they beeped their horns and stopped their machines to give Blueberry a good and close look. How midwest marvelous is that?

Yes it was 8 a.m. - Blueberry was still in p.j.'s and it
happened to be Daddy's day off, so Blueberry
got to explore in the arms of his main guy!

1 comment:

Mindy and Baldwin said...

Ha ha! That's like every little boy's ULTIMATE dream. A giant Tonka truck! And it was actually moving sand! And he got to go inside the big machine and sit in the tires! WHOA!