Sunday, June 7, 2009

Grandpa's "little dainty girl"

Grandpa made the 9 hour trek from Cleveland (rocks!) to our home and then 2 hours north, to retrieve his new retriever - Sophia. He calls her "my little dainty girl" and is happy and proud to be the new adult in her life. Sophia happens to be the dog mom of our dog, Herbie - although the connection in their DNA is hard to see. Sophia is sweet and obeys commands, Herbs is crazy and just on the edge of being sent to doggie boot camp!
Grandpa celebrates his 70th birthday with a new sweetheart, and I'm happy to say that he's got a certain spring to his step with the arrival of a new furry companion in his life. I have to admit, however, I thought about switching dogs, hoping he wouldn't discover he had been fooled before arriving home. Herbs could use some intensive one-on-one ; or maybe his mother could knock some better dog sense into him? It's hard to have a houseful and a dog with no "off" switch - and Sophia's visit served as a tough reminder that we have a TON of work to do with Herbs.
That said, he sure LOVES Blueberry and Blueberrry LOVES him right to the tip of his furry tail.

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