Saturday, May 30, 2009

Schwartz Tells Me How He Really Feels!

Last night the Finn and I were discussing what pizza to order for dinner. I was determined to take a break from the chaotic kitchen collection of dirty dishes, a full dishwasher of clean dishes, and food scraps on every counter and on the floor. Pizza was my solution - then a little summer socializing with a bottle of wine (or 2 or 3) in my g/f's backyard.

Schwartz was trying to convince me to order Little Ceasar's $5 pepperoni pizzas for dinner. YUCK! Of all the pizza - this one is truly junk pizza in my eyes. Let me say, Schwartz loves it junky. The cheaper the better in his mind. Despite my efforts to bring fine dining into his life (organic foods), he regularly refuses to recognize the value of good food. He loves cheap food. He tells me "don't bother buying that nice ice cream. I like the cheap ice cream so I can eat as much as I want). So, we were hassling each other about pizza - his love of junk pizza and my need to support the local economy with a local order that supports a really cool guy and his pizza vision (Roman Candle Pizza Lovers Unite!). We were at odds, and loving the banter.
As he strode out the door to play some tennis before pizza he laughingly yelled over his shoulder, "I don't care what pizza you get, I just like to argue with you!" I yelled back to him, "I like to harass you too!" Whooo hoooo. Do you know in "cool nordic speak" the Finn told me he loves me? Yep, he did. This is as close as we're going to get to emotion from Schwartz. Our work is done, he can go home now.

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