Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesdays are for Gender Stereotyping

Today I witnessed the following conversation between Songbird (20F), Schwartz (19M), and Clementine (21M)

Clem: Hey Schwartz, you wanna go to the arcade?
Schwartz: Yeah, ummmm, that sounds good. When do you want to go?
Clem: Now
Schwartz: Songbird, you want to come?
Songbird: Hahahaha, no thanks.
Schwartz: I thought you'd say that.

*Note: Songbird is presently reading Women Who Run With the Wolves. I pulled out a few other books for light summer reading, including, Backlash and Woman: An Intimate Geography.

Signing off - I'm going to drink a beer and watch the Cavs game - true!

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