Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Wednesday Funnies

From the Finn
Schwartz: "I got beat in tennis by a girl today."
Me: "How bad did she beat you?"
Schwartz: "Just one set."
Me: "How many sets did you play?"
Schwartz: "Just one."

*I later learned this "girl" is a 30 year old former college player. might be time to talk to this 19 year old boy about "women."

From Songbird
"Can I have some wasa, I'm pirsty"

*said at noon today while her face was numb and after oral surgery to remove 4 wisdom teeth. She's sleeping on the couch next to me - I hope her recovery is not too painful.

I've had a bit of a blogging break along with a trip to NC to visit my brother and his kids. Mr. Silly Pants and I made the trek with Blueberry and it was lovely. His cousins were great fun.


a2 said...

poor songbird...

Anonymous said...

Well, Schwartz has a great p.r. spin on it--I "only" lost one set!

Good for him to learn early. In law school moot court, my immature male opponents apparently were crowing that they were just up against "some girls." Needless to say, we kicked their butts on the briefs (no pun intended!) AND argument. --mlw

D said...

My boss use to refer to the three of us in the Wisconsin office as "the girls." (Aged 36-43)

I told him he need to either start referring to us as "da broadz" or "them dames" or I was gonna start calling him and the other males "the boys."

Now there is a definite pause before he speaks of us as a group.