Monday, December 22, 2008

Mr. Silly Pants Delivers

4 babies this week - 4 babies in the past 5 days. You thought I was going to say pizza, didn't you? Whew - there have been a lot of sleepless nights around here. First, my beloved has been up all night delivering babes and then working all of the following day. Blueberry simultaneously came down with an ear infection accompanied by a high fever and a couple of very restless nights (resulting in sleepless nights for me). I'm seriously tired - Mr. Silly Pants is seriously tired. When you mix this with holiday festivities and our own family home and holiday preparations, you've got 2 tired adults who just keep on keepin' on.

Despite all of this, we are working on staying connected and enjoying our family and our precious baby. There is plenty of holiday music, enjoyment of the tree, some outdoor frolicing in the snow, and delight as Blueberry works on crawling. The state of our home leaves a little to be desired; the floors need a good mopping, the holiday grocery list has yet to be made, holiday cards remain packaged instead of mailed, and the dog could use longer walks (it's been very very cold here!).

Of course, there is a double entendre here - because Mr. Silly Pants delivers. He really does. He's so good to me, he's so good to my (our) children, and he's a great daddy to Blueberry. Mr. Silly Pants delivers.

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