Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 nights before Christmas and the chubby cheek throw down

  • Schwartz is at the UW basketball game
  • Twinkletoes and Clementine are hangin' out (Clementine is her bo-named because of his hunger for the aforementioned fruit)
  • Songbird is doing her art
  • Blueberry is sleeping after a full day of play and cuteness
  • Waffles is ice skating in our backyard skating rink with his friend Jo-Jo
  • Mr. Silly Pants is on his way home from work- a glass of wine is waiting for him
  • Ms. Plum is sitting for the first time today, listening to holiday classics on Sirius radio and plotting holiday meals (although as I type the TV has been turned on to a bowl game
  • upon the arrival of Silly Pants - boo! hiss!)
  • We are all waiting for an additional 6 inches of snow that is supposed to arrive late tonight
    ...and so it goes....


Cathy said...

I hope you have a Merry Christmas with your wonderful family. Those cheeks just make me smile!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a wonderful Christmas--a family too tired from all the different ways they foster liveliness in the world to worry about the trimmings--the cards, the house. Totally understand the stress of wanting to pull off a lovely holiday, but when you've been up for nights attending to people in need, something has to give. These gloriously vibrant pics of all your grown kids, and the little piece of winter heaven in which you all have chosen to live, are what bring Christmas joy to your friends far afield. A Merry Merry FIRST Christmas to a chubby grinning Blueberry; to a now-dad Sillypants; to these bright-eyed teens and 20 who will do great things in this world; and to their tired, amazing momma. -- mlw (who doesn't understand yet how I sign in to blogs)