Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cousins, Colorado, and Ski Bums

I am green with envy: the teen boys in our home are in Colorado enjoying the best snow Colorado has seen in years. When we agreed to take Schwartz as our "exchange son" for the year we essentially made an informal promise to show him the U.S. Well, what is more awesome than seeing Colorado in the winter on a pair of downhill skiis & a snowboard? (you're out of touch with an 18 year old if you have something MORE awesome in your mind!).

So our Waffles and Schwartz left for Colorado and the energetic company of my Colorado cousin on Christmas day. He promised he'd lock up the booze but couldn't make any guarantees about the company of beautiful women.

It's confirmed - they're livin' the life, I tell you! Friday they had an "acclimation" day on snowshoes in the Rocky Mountain National Park. Today we have had a few phone pics of the boys at 12,000 feet, skiing Copper Mountain. They head to Vail and meet up with more cousins on Tuesday (dang, these cousins have a life!).

Yes, we're green with envy - Mr. Silly Pants and I love the Rockies and remember with great delight our own trip to Lake Louise in Canada 3 winters ago. That said, we could NOT provide the entertainment (ahem!) our 35 year old mountaineering, engineering bachelor will bring to the mountain with our young men. I dare not ask about their after hours entertainment - food and a few new found friends?

So here we sit watching "Victor Victoria" after last night's "An American In Paris." Lots of talking, plenty of reading, shopping, and some girl's snuggle time with our cups of tea. The thing is, I miss the boys - even if they'd be playing the PS3 player WAY too often and too loud, even if they leave the dishes out and about, even if they sleep until 1 (or in Schwartz's case, 3), and even if they're idling on the computer with silly games and youtube videos.

I'm happy they are off in the mountains having the time of their lives. I keep thinking how cool it will be when Blueberry heads off to Colorado with his big brother, Waffles....for the time of HIS life!

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rebekah said...

Ahhh... sounds wonderful. I'll take a few turns for you when I hit the Alta slopes Wednesday. That is, if I can breathe and if my legs don't fail me.