Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Perspectives of Teen Sons

2 comments recently heard from 2 young men in our family

Heard from Schwartz today
Me: How was the drive to the tennis club today?
Schwartz: It was good.
Me: Was it slippery? (It was snowing quite a bit)
Schwartz: I'm getting used to it. I like it when the car slides.
Me: ????????

Heard from Waffles yesterday
*Waffles took injera and wot to school as part of a project on East Africa*
Me: How did the kids like the food?
Waffles: Some kids were saying things like, "This isn't bread, this is a sponge," and, "this tastes like styrofoam!"
Me: Hmmmm.
Waffles: Mostly the white kids were rude. A lot didn't like the injera. Most of the black kids liked it a lot.
Me: Interesting.
Waffles: I thought some of the white kids were mean. Closed minded. Racist. Why would you say that about a food people consider so important to them?
Me: silent....You've got some new experiences and perspective, don't you?
Waffles: mmmm-hmmmmm.

Boys - I love 'em!!!!!!!! THIS is why you should have a foreign exchange student and THIS is why you should take your teenager to Ethiopia with you! 'Nuff said.

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