Thursday, January 14, 2010

Warm, Well Fed, and Wonderful

Well Fed
and Aware that but for the grace of God....
We've got it good, and we know it.
So we did something. It's our drop in the bucket.

What's yours?


Mindy and Baldwin said...

We did Partners In Health. I want to do more though. I feel like I should just bring suitcases full of medical supplies and leave them in Santo Domingo and they would somehow matriculate to Haiti where they are so needed, but is that crazy?

M and M said...

Mindy - I get your impulse, but of course, the real need is money so that the relief experts can plan and target the needed supplies. I know your question is a rhetorical one -and heck, we took 5 pieces of luggage with medical supplies LOADED to Ethiopia. Yeah - it's like scrounging for every possibility to help.

angela said...

We donated too. The little drops have to add up, right?