Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Real Triumph

So far so good - a little update on the 30 Days of Nothing. But first, here is a shot of the REAL Triumph my folks owned. A shout out to cuz Kat who reads and sent the shot. Our days have been pretty standard, except different. Mr. Silly Pants and I have not spent money on any extras and it hasn't felt difficult, except for a few "food" moments. I think I've tagged food as the item where we go off into non-essential spending on a day to day basis. Good to know, right? Today I was so tired after work I really really really wanted to stop for a quick cup of coffee (drive through) to suck down before picking up Blueberry and heading home. Tuesdays are late days for Silly Pants, and so I have to arrive home with a lot of energy to make it through the evening solo. I resisted and gulped down warmed up morning coffee. Icky, but it worked. In the future, I might plan a fresh cup for Tuesdays after work. The same sort of moment came up over cooking dinner. I cooked for myself, Clementine, and Twinkletoes after work today. They helped with Blueberry and I was able to text a little love note and "dinner will be waiting after your long day" to my sweetheart. Oh yeah, that felt good and he deserves more of those sweet messages from me (he was on call last night, and delivered a baby this morning).

Oh, one cool thing is that Mr. Silly Pants DOESN'T have a library card (which is crazy, because the rest of us are MAJOR library users) and he actually suggested we visit the library so he could get a card this week. Yeah!

And that Triumph? Pretty sweet, huh?

Food diary, so far so good. I'm recording.


jayme said...

See how awesome you are? You've got this!

I've been brainstorming like crazy all sorts of ways to begin taking steps toward living a connected life. Right now I feel powerful and in control. I know that there will be obstacles and challenges, but I also know that there's this amazing community of women who will help to inspire me through the hard times. Thank you, once again, for being one of those women!

M and M said...

J, right back atcha!