Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sometimes it just all feels like too much. Sorta the situation today. I'm in the home stretch of a demanding semester. I work only part time, but I work with no support time. The family is full and I'm getting the denseness of the doing and caring for my family. And, I"m feeling super sensitive about a number of things that are feeling heavy and cumbersome. I feel like biting off someone's head. Any volunteers?

...and feeling like it's all so petty in light of Haiti. Self loathing emerges during such a horrific crisis-great timing.


Anonymous said...

Oh, honey. If only knowledge of greater suffering could erase our personal suffering. Does that ever work? Me thinks mostly not.

jayme said...

You can bite my head off. I think it will regenerate.

I'm sorry things are rough right now. Deep breaths, a glass of wine and some chocolate are called for!

rebekah said...

I think when a person is going through great personal growth, there is a certain amount of wanting to bite heads off - it's difficult, frustrating and complicated to teach yourself to think deeper and bigger and shake up years of pattern and thoughts. And to do it in the midst of responsibilities of family and a job where you are responsible for younger folk, well, it's a shitload of pressure.

It's a luxury, for sure, to be able to push for personal growth compared to the rest of the world. BUT - self loathing is a complete waste of time for a person of such ability.

Mindy and Baldwin said...

For volunteers on the head biting off thing, I nominate Pat Robertson as the person who is most worthy of biting his head off for constantly saying such hate filled and horrible things. His comments about Haiti are so awful- makes me want to make a Voodoo doll of him (I'm kidding, of course...or am I?) :)

Big hugs. Hang in there.

Nancy said...

I know. It feels like life shouldn't go on right now but alas it does.

I'd volunteer my head but I sort of need it right now :)

I concur with Mindy and Baldwin. WTH?