Monday, April 27, 2009


Today, on my way home from my happy place (play group!) I stopped at my high school with Blueberry in tow, gingersnap cookie crumbs smeared all over my shirt, and turned in my contract for work next year. I will be ending my one year leave of absence and reentering the work force with a 2/5 contract (40%). In a year of cuts and some tough economic times for my district I thought I'd have no choice but to return to a full time position. But, a variety of department needs and changes emerged with the outcome of a great opportunity to resume this year as a part time high school teacher. I am so happy about this agreement; for myself, for Blueberry, for my family. It's great for all of us. I will be teaching 2 classes and I will be working for about a total of 4-5 hours every other day, commute included. And, I am teaching ONLY 9th graders and ONLY the cultural anthropology curriculum. I love love love teaching cultural anthropology to students in their first year of high school. It is an awesome curriculum with OH SO MUCH potential to really reach kids on so many levels.
Oh yes, I happened upon school during the first lunch period and Blueberry and I received some major lovin' from my students. It was fun to hear the squeels of delight from the kids over the darling curly haired boy in my arms and to hear, "please please come back soon!" Isn't it funny when kids miss the very people they complained about just 9 short months ago? hehehehehehe....high isn't for everyone.


rebekah said...

Awesome. I loved my cultural anthropology class in high school. So many years ago.

-C said...

Oh goodness I don't even remember my cultural anthropology class from high school. Wish you would have been my teacher then, of course you probably weren't born then :) Congratulations on your reentry into the workforce, sounds like a great schedule.


Waiting for Zufan! said...

Good luck! I taught high school for two years, and it was tough! I'm actually contemplating going back now, just because the pay is less-bad than the adjunct pay I get now at a college.

Cultural Anthropology sounds great! They didn't offer that in the old days when I went to school. :)