Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Beach Volleyball" in April

Blueberry discovered the volleyball court in our backyard (uh, actually, the city owns it, but it is in our "backyard" since we live on a park). The dusk hour was gorgeous last night so I bundled the babe up in his cool $1 Tony Hawk sweatshirt and happily joined Mr. Silly Pants while he threw frisbees to Herbie (the dog). Blueberry practiced his toddling and was alerted by his toes when he stepped from the grass to the sand. Sitting and shoveling the sand into his mouth promptly commenced.
We're moving onto bigger and better things next week since Blueberry will be shoveling the Santa Monica beach into his gullet.
I love this moment of ...."huh?"

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Evelyn said...

Thanks for your comment and I'm glad to find your blog. I needed to look at another cute baby! Made my evening :)