Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birds for Blueberry

Today was just perfect. Blueberry and I headed to our neighborhood thruway for warbler migration. I'm a novice and enthusiastic birder, and this is my favorite time of year. The trees haven't leafed yet, the sun is warm, and the warblers are moving through to their new destinations. They won't stay, so now's the time to get out and get happy.
I was prepared for a stroll with my little one; koala crackers in their own little box for enticing grasper activity, cup of water, banana, sturdy Bob stroller, binoculars, camera, and bird book. We spent 2 hours strolling the preserve both on foot and in the stroller. It was an exquisite time with Blueberry and the birds. We took our time (he took his time) and I discovered that I'm going to be able to visit the preserve and have a great time with Blueberry - he loves to walk/ride/listen/dig crackers out of the dirt. And, I only found one tick on him when we were all done.

Here are a few of our favorites today (images from Cornell Lab of Ornithology) -
green heron (top of the post), white crowned sparrow, brown thrasher,
and the lovely prothonotary warbler. These warblers are stunningly beautiful.


Waiting for Zufan! said...

You found a tick already?! Ahh!! No! Oh well, summer in the Midwest. Glad it is almost here.

a2 said...

John Deer? Damn cute!

Jen and Dan said...

My Mom is an extraordinary bird watcher . She recently returned from a trip where she was looking for birds in Manitoba. I cannot wait to show her your bird pics and of course Blueberry pics, which are absolutely adorable.