Thursday, January 1, 2009

Today's winning comment

Me: I'm going to set a goal weight and will you agree that when I reach it that we reward my effort by going to Ethiopia and doing the TESFA trek?
My husband: Yeah, let's do that.
Me: Really?
My husband: Yeah, and make it 5 lbs so that we can go really soon.

*laugh laugh laugh laugh*
Seriously, I miss Ethiopia every day. I want to see my young friends there. I want to see the countryside again. And, since we were there during rainy season I want to trek there with TESFA. It's a deal! I think it will take me a long plodding time to get there, but this is a great reward at the end of a long journey back to fitness and good health. I'm starting now.

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Julie said...

Why don't you come when we go? I could use the help (;