Friday, January 23, 2009

A sled, a dog, and no knees

I think this is the moment they plotted the no knee move!

Blueberry and I have a daily nature boy ritual. It's necessary in Wisconsin to get outside no matter what - and so we do. I get the babe all tucked into his snowsuit, plop him in the sled, and pull him through the little wooded refuge right in our backyard. We've stamped down the snow so there isn't much danger of tipping over and it is here that we get our 15 minutes of wooded exposure, Aldo Leopold style (well, sort of).

Oh right, the dog is in the mix too. He's a crazy dog. He's too energetic. He needs no recovery time from one good run to the next. He eats toys (that are NOT his) all day long if he doesn't get a good dose of running around. So that's how it works; me, Blueberry, Herbie, and the sled. Usually Herbie carries his ball or a flying squirrel. Today it was his squirrel. He runs back and forth and circles around us. Sometimes I snag his squirrel and give it a toss. Blueberry loves watching Herbster run in the woods. Today, he ran right through my knees and knocked me FLAT on my back. It must have been a sight. Thank goodness noone saw us!!! And, thank goodness the snow is deep because it was painless. Another season, another story.

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