Thursday, January 15, 2009

10 months and 10 things about Blueberry

Blueberry is 10 months old today. It's also a landmark day because this day we remember that our son has been in the US for 5 months - and lived in Ethiopia for 5 months. I personally meet my awareness of this with a mixture of joy and sadness. I will never forget standing in Bole Airport with my little darling boy all wrapped up and sleeping on my chest while I cried and cried. I felt such sadness and tension because of my growing understanding of the injustice of the privilege I had in taking this perfect child out of his home country. I had, and continue to have, a keen awareness of my own participation in removing a most precious child from Ethiopia. And why? To build our family, yes. Because we could, yes. We could because of the mistake of our birth and our resulting power. In the scenario of the haves and have-nots, we landed in the "haves." I know there is a great injustice in our parenting this darling boy. I know there is a woman who misses her son and whose hopes for him lie in our determination to raise him in love as well as to raise him justly. Because the truth is there is injustice in IA. As I delve deeper into the journey I find myself more dedicated than I have ever been to social justice, to change, to making a real and true difference. But make no mistake, we all love this little boy to the ends of the earth. We love him like crazy. The way we love him is magical and moving and transforming. And that is where the joy lies. There is so much good in loving our Blueberry. He is our beloved.
10 things:
favorite spot: on daddy's shoulders
favorite food: anything on the floor that is small enough to put in his mouth
favorite playmate: Herbie, his dog
favorite book: Moo, Baa, La La La and Global Babies
favorite game: throw (anything - - - and, he's a righty)
favorite object: any and all lights - he points to them all the time
favorite lovey: his ducky blanket
favorite friends: Aster and Wubbie, of course!
favorite song: Pop goes the Weasel and Rikki Tikki Tembo
favorite toy: the musical farm thingy with the noisey chicken
7 teeth - crawling - crawling up the landing of steps - stands alone for a few seconds - 22 lbs.
big mitts, a quickly growing head of curls, and an infectious laugh

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Shelley said...

Hi Forum Friend! Our little Y-guy just turned 11 months old last week -- if we were closer (and Y was already HOME from ET -- ugh!), I just know Bluebery and he would be GREAT buddies! Loved reading up on your sweet family.