Saturday, October 10, 2009

Twinkletoes Dances - the first video on our blog

She dances. I love that she loves dancing. That's what I had hoped for her - that she would discover the things that move her. This does that - wouldn't you agree?


foreverisamoment said...

Awesome. She looks stunning and her performance is flawless, her smile is radiant!!

Daughters, ... you have me in tears imagining the things that with move Tirfe.

Thanks for sharing.

Mindy and Baldwin said...


*(and the blue gloves with that dress are perfect)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! That is a very hard number to do, because being rather slow, you can't hide any mistakes--and she really pulled it off. Terrific upper back fluidity, too, which is key for such a dance. And as a die-hard conservative when it comes to choices of dance attire, I SO love the outfit, going with a basic black dress and adding the dance-competition-glitz with accessories and color splash -- absolutely the way to go. Oh, what a lovely performance! -- mlw