Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dinner fo 20 - and the Black Lion Hospital at our Table

Tomorrow night Mr. Silly Pants and I are hosting a dinner to welcome 2 physicians and 2 nurses from the Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa to our beautiful (and COLD!) city. We have invited an intimate group of our friends and colleagues to join us in welcoming the Ethiopians, who are going to be at UW engaging an intensive 10 week course of training in emergency medicine with a special focus on HIV medicine. You can read about this amazing program HERE. Mr. Silly Pants and I are excited to provide what I am calling an "elegant rustic" selection of yummy food accompanied by kind fellowship to our guests.
Indeed, we'll be spending the weekend cleaning and cooking. With Blueberry underfoot the going will be slow - but we will get it done. And, we've put Waffles on alert for Sunday so that we have some baby back up during what I'm sure will be a flurry of last moment items.

I am looking forward to being in the company of some amazing and dedicated people - and I am proud to bring just a little bit of familial warmth to our guests!


D said...

I think hubby's sister and brother-in-law work at that hospital. I'll check with him tonight and let you know.

Good luck.

PS - Rustic? Like they open their own can of baked beans with a stick or a sharp rock?

Mindy and Baldwin said...

I'll be curious to hear what the menu is!