Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Wild One in the Woods

I try to get outside with Blueberry every day. There is a small wooded path behind our house. Today we followed our cat into the wooded area to check out the fat cat's hunting prowess. It was pretty cool because the cat had made his way up a fallen tree - and we watched him explore from about 20 feet off of the ground. Blueberry was in the mood to do some trailblazing and bushwacking himself, so I just let him have a go at it. Aside from a lot of burrs on his sleeves and pants, he was pretty successful navigating the bumpy terrain of our wild wooded backyard. Gosh, he looks so old in these photos. He's only 20 months old! He's growing up so fast!


Mark and Sarah said...

Blueberry is getting SO big! I realized the other day when you posted that he's 20 months, that he and my youngest are the same age. That puts everything in perspective. It's such a fun and dangerous age :) Can't take our eyes off them for a second!

Mindy and Baldwin said...

What a little nature boy!

*speaking of Wild in the Woods- have you seen "Where the Wild Things Are"? I thought it was especially wonderful showing how little boys are so thoughtful and also love to go into the woods and smash things up. Little girls like smashing things up too, but we're supposed to pretend that we don't! :)....something about sugar and spice or something.