Thursday, October 22, 2009

For N and M: Fairies Forever

Songbird has loved fairies from the time of teeny weeny days. She makes these - she STILL loves to make these. We put them everywhere. Right now there is a collection sitting on top of one of my mom's antique windows. They're brown fairies. We're a brown family now. Ask if you'd like one.

UPDATE: there is a lot of fairy love out there and Songbird is ready to make little brown fairies until her fingers tire. Seriously, she already hit the Goodwill store and found tons of silk flower supplies for bright and shiny fairies. We'll be making and sending Thanksgiving weekend - good will gifts from us. Knowing, you, my freinds, each one of you knows how to pay it forward, so we'll just do this good deed in the spirit of others. And, per Heather's great request, Songbird will do a blog teach-one for a step by step guide on how to make these yourselves - but we're sending them to you all who have commented and want one/some/many! 


Christina said...

Oh, I love them! How much does she charge? ;)

M and M said...

oh sweet, Christina, no charge. And, we have your address so expect one after she's home for holiday break! We have a huge bag of supplies for fairy making. How many do you want? Brown, like D and S, of course.

M and M said...

C, I should add, I have your address from the AHOPE campaign, not because I'm a stalker :-o

Nancy said...

Oh Meghan this would be a gift Mimi would adore!

I am so not a girly girl - never have been so to have a daughter floating among all this pixie dust clouds my plans for soccer and tae-kwon-do.

I'm hoping she'll come to her fairy loving senses and realize she can still be a girl and kick a ball :)

N & M

Cathy said...

Can you add me to that list? They are so gorgeous. I would love to have 3 and am more than willing to pay for them. I just love them.

Heather said...

I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She/you could definitely charge for these and I'd be more than happy to pay! I would love them for around our house, in the kids' rooms, and on the Christmas Tree!!!!! LOVE THEM! Would also love to know how she makes them-- maybe she could do a tutorial on the blog for us?!