Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Colorblind...Isn't

You might want to read this article in Science Daily about efforts to avoid talking about race and how they backfire. Interesting stuff - colorblindness is bunk in my book. I struggle when people say to me, "There's only one race, the human race!" and proceed to tell me they "don't see color." Talk about awkard: "oh yes you do" "oh no I don't" "you do" "I don't". Tactful discussion eludes me.


Mindy and Baldwin said...

You're on a roll with your last several posts! The colorblind article was especially interesting- I wonder when/how this way of being is going to change?

M and M said...

Mindy - One of the things I have been thinking about and discussing with some "well studied friends" is the reality that as humans we do group things. The part that gets really complicated and troubleling is the creation of a hierarchy in the grouping. My son's fairy godmother suggested I rent "eye of the storm" and watch it to think more deeply about heirarchy. I'm going to do that.