Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Make Me Laugh

1. Articulates his thoughts and feelings with sounds that don't require moving his lips.

2. Disassembles tampons every time we are in the bathroom. I should put those in a locked cabinet.

3. Picks rocks out of the ficas pot (used to keep the cat from mistaking the tree pot for a litter box) and tucks them all around the house. Oh, first he gnaws on the rocks - this is an awful noise.

4. Eats dogfood and drinks dog water.

5. Helps fold the laundry by unfolding everything.

6. Helps wipe his round little bottom during diaper changes with his hands.

7. Throws food during every single meal (we have to stop laughing when he does this).

8. Prefers fruit to all other foods and YELLS during meals for more fruit.

9. In public bathrooms when I am taking care of my own needs his hands promptly go right into the toilet.

10. Pulls off his bibs

11.Goes for his junk the minute he is naked.

12. Eats toilet paper and baby wipes.

13. Is indiscriminate about where he kisses the animals (this can and does include rear-ends)

14. to be continued.....

1 comment:

VanVoorsts said...

this sounds like a little boy who lives at my house.....