Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He's #1

Blueberry wakes up Twinkletoes, "Get up sister,
it's time to make my birthday cake!"
Waffles has to tire out the dog so he behaves with
a houseful of birthday guests...
Enlist everyone to help prepare the birthday party:
Waffles - ice and decorate the carrot cake
Twinkletoes - bake the cheesecakes(s)
Ms. Plum - make the Ethiopian food
Mr. Silly Pants - general gopher and party purchaser
Songbird - play with Blueberry
Clementine - chop vegetables - lots of them
Math Man (songbird's boyfriend) - assemble decorations
Charm Blueberry with his first balloons, lovingly
and preciously chosen by his Daddy.
Enjoy the party and the gift of a kitchen set - especially
with the kids!
Watch the science guy make his injera look like a burrito.
And have LOADS of fun!

1 comment:

FrogMom said...

He sure is!

Now our group is officially exclusively toddlers :)