Monday, March 30, 2009

Another "traveling package"

These items are going to be tucked into a well heeled traveler's backpack and trekked all the way to Lalibela Ethiopia where they'll be delivered to these 2 brothers - Getnet and Getu.
We met these brothers while traveling and I know my friend is going to enjoy their company. The boys were shining shoes when we met them - now they are focusing more energetically on their studies with the help of some monthly assistance from us.

When we first met them they were sleeping on a dirt floor on a tarp with no blanket, no running water, a tiny old kerosene one pot camp stove, and a baggie of grains. I am certain their living situation has improved since we met them - and I count on them being warm and fed well enough to concentrate on their studies. Getu wants to be a guide, and Getnet wants to be a scientist. Our family contribution is big enough to make a daily difference, and small enough to feel humbled by their needs. One kind woman (a fellow AP) who heard about these boys offered to provide funds for them to buy a bed; they report they are now sleeping on a bed with covering (I assume 2 gabi's). I love the ripple effect of kindness. It's good stuff.
This is the third traveling package I have sent with a traveler to Ethiopia. Richard received textbooks and a pair of shoes, AlemTsehaye (in the last photo of the link) was visited just two weeks ago with a package of rainbow socks, a camera, and lots of photos. I can't wait for G&G to have a special visit from my friend and her traveling companions.
Check out my travelin' friend's story here. I hope she'll blog about these guys while she is in Lalibela. She's awesome - a single mom of 2! I'm a little envious of her traveling opportunity in that she is traveling 3-4 weeks in country before receiving her son and daughter.
If you're going to Ethiopia, I might have something to send with you! (And thank you Marshall's for the awesome clearance prices - it makes doing this possible!)


Kerry and Tom said...

your awesome!!

Waiting for Zufan! said...

That is so nice. The boys are precious.