Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thankful Thanksgiving Tag- in pictures

I'm thankful for this man and this child of East Africa - who came into my life one after the other, and who together bring a beauty to my life I find magical and delightful I am thankful for this daughter and sister (and premier pie maker) who is a keeper of the family traditions, smart and sassy, and lovely beyond wordsI am thankful for this daughter and sister who sees otters in the pond, reads in her Grandma's chair (here it is "A Room With A View"), and embodies joy
I am thankful for this son and brother, who brings smiles to our faces and reminds us all to be happy and goofy and kind and tender all in the same moment - and who can teach our Finnish "son" how to throw a football! (Schwartz in blue, Waffles in red)I am thankful for members of the committee (read:sisterhood) because I couldn't get there or be here without their wisdom and steadfast friendshipI'm thankful for a bountiful table - a bounty for which I am grateful but no more deserving of than any of my fellow humans

I am thankful for the festive spirit of my family - for the luxury of play right out our back door

I am thankful for giggling and laughing and a life already rich with memories and telling stories; "Remember when Grandma always sprayed whip cream in our mouths?"

Thanksgiving 2008

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