Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mr. Waffles is 16!

Yep, he's done it - he's made it to 16 and remained a totally lovable, kind, and fun young man! The little boy who wore a purple snow suit (later he told me he looked like Barney), wore his sister's hair clips when playing "ourselves" with them, loved to climb and jump off of the gym onto the jumping bed downstairs, and could play hours of "plastic animals" with Twinkletoes.. is 16! He grew up in a household of girls/women and survived with a full repetoire of masculinity - there's no question he's become a wonderful young man. He's a soccer player, an avid snowboarder, enjoys wakeboarding, is an excellent student, a good friend, and a very kind and loving brother and son. I have always said Mr. Waffles, my 3rd child and first son, was the icing on our family cake (Blueberry is now the sprinkles!). He's charming, kind, adventurous, gentle, and so full of humor and good spirit that it is hard not to smile when he is in the room. There is no sour or sullen with Mr. Waffles - the room takes on a festive mood when he arrives. His favorite movie? "Ironman" and the classic, "Night at the Roxbury". Get the picture? Did I mention he has beautiful blue eyes? The thing I love most about Mr. Waffles is his compassionate spirit -and I'll avoid his embarrassment by not listing all of the ways his kindness inspires me and his tenderness encourages me. It's fun to have arrived at 16 with this good young man I am honored to call "son."

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