Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jane Kurtz's comment about need

I was just reading one of my favorite blogs HERE today - catching up since being on vacation. I read the 3rd entry from guest blogger, the author Jane Kurtz. Jane writes about her efforts to bring books to Ethiopia's children and the hard work of this effort. She says, "In the dark, hard moments, I have several thoughts I hang onto: Need is everywhere, opportunity isn’t. And Money isn’t always the answer; in this case, it is."
Handwringing...yeah, sometimes money is the answer. Damn. I wrote about this 2 posts ago and asked what more I could do? Here's one opinion tonight. Yeah, and we just did an enormous grocery shopping at Whole Paycheck today and I'm wondering what we could NOT have purchased and thus add to our support of the kids. 6 bottles of wine? Organic cranberries? 2 scones and some praline muffins? Maybe the 2 boxes of Puffins cereal or the Odwalla bars? Are you tired of this yet? I'm exhausted by it.

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