Saturday, November 1, 2008

Dancing Sharks, Football Games, and Daylight Savings

Our city has a huge party for Halloween - and the kids made haste to attend tonight. It turns out that Schwartz is an excellent dancing shark. Who knew? Today, Mr. Silly Pants, Blueberry, and I went to college to visit Songbird - who is a sophomore. We attended the football game and then enjoyed seeing the new science center and hanging out with Blueberry's big sister. It was a perfect fall day. We all miss Songbird so much - and seeing her is always such a delight.

Tonight, since I'm not much for horror films, Mr. Silly Pants and I held down the fort tonight watching the History channel's "The Presidents" series. Did you know President Jackson was called "President Jackass" and that's how the Dems got their "jackass" symbol? Jackson liked it and adopted it for the party .I should know that, I'm a social studies teacher (who didn't stuy history, but don't tell anyone!) Exciting life, we know. It's hard to keep up with us! And don't forget to turn your clocks back - that's one more hour of the Presidents! We're only on FDR and it is 11 PM!

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