Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Hungary Addition

In late August one precious little Hungarian girl will join our family for a semester of middle school.  We are so excited to see Flower (her blog name)! In the accompanying photo she's the sweet little girl with the red star above her head.. Flower is about 8 in this picture, but she'll be 12 and in 7th grade when she arrives this August. She's our "Hungarian Addition."   There is a lot I would like to share about this little girl and her family....

First, the women in this photo are among the most amazing people I know! Big sister, with the purple arrow, will accompany Flower here and stay for a delicious 3 weeks! Twinkletoes is her age mate - and believe me when I tell you these 19 year old's have plans! Other older sister is Songbird's age mate (21 years old). She won't make this trip, but I can assure you we'll be working on a way to get her here for a visit. One remaining older brother remains in Hungary too - he's 23 and busy with his University studies. I'm pretty sure his playmates from his youth now strike him as beautiful young women ... *grin*

You can guess how their relationships began 14 years ago in an elementary school classroom. Language was NO barrier for these girls....and it hasn't been ever since! While the Hungarians lived here for 2 years, we've been friends beyond the boundaries of our countries and beyond those initial 2 years. Our friendship has included a journey of my daughters solo to Hungary when they were 11 and 13, a return visit from Hungarian "daughters" at ages 15 and 17, and a very special 'all family' trip to Hungary years ago. I often claim that the wanderlust of my girls first began in earnest with that first solo trip to Hungary - they walked a lot of dogs, did a lot of babysitting, and saved a lot of allowances to make that first trip. This picture is from that trip - it's the "ice cream photo." Our family trip was son Waffle's first international journey - and I think his wanderlust rightfully began then too.

Flower was born in the USA in 1998 when her family was living here. She's a citizen - it's what is making her visit/stay with us possible. She'll attend our neighborhood middle school, enjoy the beautiful piano with Mr. SillyPants, play a little outdoor soccer, and perhaps we'll get her to our favorite vacation spot for a little California lovin'.  Flower also comes to us with loss, and it is my greatest hope to honor the memory of her mom, my beloved friend and one who I miss every single day, by being a loving and tender 'host mom' to her. Being with Flower is a gift - a way I can honor the vast and enduring ways I love her mom.

There is another little one in Hungary, Violet. She and Blueberry are age mates too! Her mom and I laughingly shared that little itty bitties were going to be in our lives well into our 40's - before we actually knew who they I imagine that Blue and Violet will grow up friends with biggie siblings and lots and lots of opportunities to know each other. 

Our lives are blessed with richness. We are so excited to welcome Flower!

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Mama Papaya said...

How cool. Would you mind shaking her down for some recipes while she is here? My tummy has fond memories of my time in Hungary.