Tuesday, June 8, 2010

ALSO in Addis #3

Mr. SillyPants sent a love letter, with a promise of a blog post tomorrow. I culled some sweet details including:

... I miss our son so much. My attachment to him is so profound and so deep that I am truly experiencing a new type of longing when I am away from him. (Being in the land of his birth doesn't help alleviate that at all.)

However, this trip has been wonderful and I am so happy with how things are turning out. We finished our first class today, graduating about 80% of the class (which is a very high percentage when ALSO is taught in a developing country). I think we have a great team for teaching but the main reason for the high graduation rate is the excellence of the physicians, residents and midwives here.

Tomorrow, we begin the instructor's training then on to letting them teach a new class on Thursday and Friday.

I am also hoping we can do more shopping soon - - - I haven't yet found a 108" tablecloth and need to also look for coffee, Addis tea, berbere, and a map. I got a few nice baskets already, as well as a carved lion for Blueberry (as Ethiopia is known as the Lion of Judah). (An addition by Ms. Plum - of course I sent my A+ shopper husband a shopping list!).

I personally look forward to hearing more details from Mr. SillyPants. He's typically quite verbose, so the days must be long and intense. I am also happy to report his gastro-upset didn't last and he's feeling good. I wish him a good night's sleep and sweet dreams. I'll enjoy posting tomorrow's news!

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