Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Racquet Sports

Actually, it was the end of January. I don't want to deceive you. We bundled and trundled through the backyard to play tennis. Yes, I said TENNIS. Blueberry was game. It was his idea; he knows the courts in the backyard are for tennis and he knows the balloons we hit around the house are poor substitutes for the 'real thing.'
Showing his forehand grip
You can see it was *mostly* fun, although walking in a marshmallow snow suit and boots on icy snow isn't always successful. Oh, and Herbie joined us for some frenetic frisbee chewing. It's life in Wisconsin, what can I say?
prepping for his Nike "Just Do It" campaign

Showing off his pearly whites (and his age)


Anonymous said...

Love it...LOVE IT ;-)

M and M said...

Songbird, "THIS" is why I miss you every day. Love it....LOVE IT! Thank you for remembering all the sweetness - I totally needed to "hear" it tonight. Love you big sister to little bro!