Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic Hopefuls

There is an inspiring story here about Ethiopia's ONLY winter Olympic athlete, Robel Teklemariam. And here he is training in the beautiful hills of Addis Ababa. This guy is an inspiration - he IS the Ethiopian ski team. When he enters the venue tonight with the Ethiopian flag, I'm go to stand up and cheer loudly and from the heart. Robel is going to rock da house!

In honor of Robel, a group of amazing mom's are on board with beginning the training for our children to become Ethiopia's first Olympic bobsled team. We started today. What's unique about this team is that they are a mixed gender team - and they ROCK! Meltdowns over lost mittens, snowy tumbles, wet diapers, and hungry tummies are NOTHING compared to the determination of these future OLYMPIANS!


Christina said...

Thanks for the giggle. They definitely look...hopeful? ;)

Jean said...

Well they're adorable, for sure!!

Anonymous said...

Too too too cute! I'm on board for training too!