Friday, February 26, 2010

For JC and her daughter (and eM in NYC, from Blueberry)

Blueberry and I were supposed to be in NYC this weekend. We planned to visit my friend and the fabulous little eM. We didn't make it - it snowed so hard in the city that flights have been cancelled for two days. But, I wanted a taste of I made my way down to the college campus and walked out on the lake. Look at what I found! Dr. LaBootie, under the water! I took a picture of this especially for you, M.

I can't wait for March when I will be in California and I can meet you, M, and your little brother and see your mom again. And eM and ML, Blueberry and I will be in NYC in the spring when we can buy hot dogs from vendors and spend our day in the park.
p.s. good luck explaining this one, JC!


rebekah said...

Do they still do that? Sigh... I miss college.

NY is really fantastic in the Spring.

Julie said...

Why her face covered Mommy? Oh Great.

Liz said...

Oh you will have to let me know when you will be in NY - it's a fairly easy drive for me, especially since that's where my family is! Would love to have an extra excuse to get down there soon!

Cindy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. That one will be really fun to explain : )

Mindy and Baldwin said...

Major bummer that you couldn't go- but I do think spring will be better anyway! :)

And I'm glad you didn't get stuck halfway there in some airport for days on end with nothing to eat but McDonalds and no clean underwear or toothbrush! :)