Thursday, September 3, 2009

Waffles Wears It Well

Waffles is .... well, he's funny. This morning we were hangin' out after my morning run (yeah me!) and before he left for school. It's a nice routine I have with him - one of the unexpected pleasantries of having a less crowded home this fall. Waffles wakes up cheerful (um, unlike his sister Twinkletoes) and our morning encounters are fun, funny, and fun loving. This morning his shirt made me smile. My insistance on grabbing the camer and taking his picture made him shake his head, laugh, and 'mug' - and you see the result.

This second photo is evidence that teen boys DO DISHES - yep, in this house, baby boys in pink diapers and big boys in the kitchen. Waffles wears it well, dontcha think? Oh yeah, and 16 year old boys hug their moms, too.

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