Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Running for My Sisters

Not my sibling, but my sisters.....
On Saturday morning I'll be in Chicago with my handsome husband and darling son, but I won't be lookin' good, because I'm reentering the world of running with the classic "runner's return." I'm 45 and I'm reentering the world of running with a 5K. It's all I can do - and it's been a tough road. Frankly, 40 extra pounds are embarrassingly cumbersome. There, I said it. And, some chronic plantar fasciitis keeps progress slow. Um, I'm sort of a wreck, but I'm trying to get it right. I like being active. I identify as an athlete. So, I'm doin' it.
I'm running because I'm inspired by the efforts of Women to Women International to help Congo women rebuild their lives after years of horrific war.

You can support my run HERE; know that your support of my 5K is support for our Congolese sisters. They are my inspiration.

I know I am going to meet a lot of inspiring people on this run. Importantly, I can't wait to meet Tami, whose blog is the place I learned about this run, and whose journey inspired my own return to the pavement. Tami is one of my virtual mentors, and her wisdom and perspective is helping me be a better mother to my brown boy, better ally to people of color, and more aware of the responsibilities I have as part of the white majority. Yeah, so Tami's getting me there, and Congo women are helping me finish. They are the perfect duo for me...and in my corner will be Mr. Silly Pants and Blueberry, running as a team (with a running stroller) at my side.
Wish me luck!


Mindy and Baldwin said...

You're like the little engine that could. Run, Mamma, Run!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Mom! Love you!