Sunday, August 23, 2009

Running - body and spirit

One month ago I started running after a 5 year hiatus. I used to run 3 miles each day. It was a mental health practice. But then mom was diagnosed with renal cancer. The importance of caring for her interrupted many of my own self care rituals. I never ever regret my myopic focus on mom for the 6 months of her illness prior to her death. It wasn't that I gave up being active after she died. After all, I played tennis nearly every day last summer. But, the body work remained elusive and I have felt lots of energy, strength, flexibility, and stamina slipping away.

To be honest, 4 years later has turned into 40 lbs. and some really deep frustration. I think there are a lot of 40 something women out there who get this dilemma. I suspect I'm in good company.

I learned from Tami about a run in Chicago on October 3rd. I'm a daily reader of Tami, and I admire her. I consider her one of my allies in my effort to be a good mama to my brown boy. But this time, her effort to move her body inspired me to join her (I even got a shout out on her blog which made me blush!).

So, I started running during our time on the Olympic Pennisula. I started with itty bitty intervals. Friends, I'm talking run 3 minutes, walk 2 minutes for 5 intervals. I'm now running 23 minutes non-stop with a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute warm down. I'm on my way to being ready for the 5K in Chicago. I'm proceeding carefully with extra attention given to my plantar fasciitis ridden feet. (Icing them as I type, actually).

I'll be running for a cause: Run for Congo Women. The Women for Women International program teach women the skills needed to start a business to help her end the cycle of poverty and suffering.I'll be using my physical body and my social justice spirit to create a change both within and without. You can read about why I chose this Tami-inspired event at the link. And if you're wondering, Blueberry will be "running" in his stroller with Mr. Silly Pants.
Here is my donation page - I hope to raise enough funds to sponsor one woman for one year (about $400). Please consider this as one of your "good deeds" this week, and thank you for your support - the moral support means everything to me. Whew this was a tough story to share. I'm embarrassed and I'm vain.
*first photo is one I took from a bus in Hosanna Ethiopia with and adorable running boy who had oodles of energy and the second is from one of my very first runs while in WA state*


Mindy and Baldwin said...

That awesome and very inspiring. I used to do yoga or pilates every day- then I became a mother to Dew Drop last January and I haven't done it at all since then. I still walk everyday, and chase her, but I'm thinking now that if you can start running again I can start doing yoga again. I can find the time, right?!:)

And that is so cool that you are running for a cause! Keep up the good work.

Deborah said...

This is awesome! Wow. Aria is so lucky to have you for a mom, I always tell her that. good luck. and I'm praying for your family.


Anonymous said...

Hey mom :-) I ran for 12 minutes today...whew! I've gotta work it up too!

M and M said...

Awwwwwwwwwwww, songbird is going to make this a bigger family affair! Whooo Hoooo!

Nancy said...

Well aren't you just a bud full of inspiration. I would love to join you but even as I read your post my knees insist on interrupting my good intentions with "ow-ow-ow".

I do need to get back working out!! I feel so much better. Perhaps when Mimi starts back to school.

We can come cheer you on though!!!