Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Plumpy'Nut : Second Annual Ironman Effort to Save Kid's Lives!

It’s time for the Second Annual Plumpy Nut Ironman Fundraiser to Save Kids!

If you knew $40 would save a child’s life, would you find it? Of course you would. Here’s your chance to save someone’s world! Here’s a chance to save your world!

Last year, for the first Plumpy Nut Ironman fundraiser we pooled our cash and scrounged under our couch cushions to raise $14,000 for Doctors Without Borders. Doctors Without Borders pledged to buy Plumpy Nut ---a nutrient dense energy food---to distribute to children in Ethiopia – children who were suffering from severe malnutrition. At $40 per child, we were able to create the resources to save the lives of 650 babies and toddlers! And because we raised this fund through the Ironman Janus Charity Challenge and placed in the top five fundraisers, WE WON ANOTHER $2,000---enough money to save another 50 kids. Working together, we were able to create a fund that turned around the lives of 700 children and their families and their futures. And it was important, Ethiopia was gripped by a severe food shortage last harvest season on account of very very late rains and a poor harvest.

And now we have a chance to do this amazing work again. Another Madison, Wisconsin woman, Judy Bergsgaard, has agreed to be this year’s Plumpy’Nut Ironman racer. Judy and her sister, Peg Lussenden, of Morris, MN, are both mothers and first-time Ironman participants, and they are gearing up to toe the line for Doctors Without Borders, for Plumpy Nut, for kids, and for us September 13, 2009, just a month from now. All the money we put together will go to Doctors Without Borders for their life-saving work with Plumpy’Nut. And if we can place in the top five again, Janus will give even more. Let’s make it happen!

Please think about making a donation and about spreading the word. Think about donating in honor of a child you love, a person who saved the life of someone you care about, a person who has inspired you to do the impossible, an endurance athlete, a mother, a sister, a friend, a nation.
If you need to know about the need for food relief please read this article about the tragic food shortages in Southern Ethiopia. Our little Blueberry is from Southern Ethiopia - it makes this personal. Being good global neighbors IS PERSONAL!

At $40 for each life saved, we have a collective opportunity to do something remarkable. When we pool our money as we did last year---from garage sales and bat mitzvahs and reducing our chocolate budgets for a month—we have the chance to see the energy of our money and our love expand.

Here’s the place to donate:
As always, your donation is tax deductible - save your confirmation e-mail - and donate NOW!
Let’s win it!

*search my older posts by "Plumpy Nut" to read about our 2008 effort and then join us in '09!*

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