Monday, September 1, 2008

Radio Head

2 more radio gigs - tonight (national program carried in 12 east coast cities) and tomorrow morning (local Air America broadcast). "Raw," to quote Mr. Waffles. Click here to read an African news report and update on the famine in Ethiopia. You might try a search on the MSF website using "Plumy'Nut" and read their 5 part series on malnutrition in Ethiopia. It's a stunning story - and one that is familiar as I can now see these hungry people in more than my mind's eye. This is one of my images, taken during our Ethiopian journey only 2 weeks ago. Go here to donate and help us win the $10K donation for MSF from the Janus Charity Challenge.

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Liza said...

I heard you and Amber this morning on Lee Rayburn's show as I was driving to work. You were both fabulous! It was great because it reminded me I need to donate, which I'm going off to do right now! Yay!

Hope to catch up with you soon and hear how things are going with your little guy. Molly would love to see him, too (she loves babies, because you know she's such a big girl). take care, liza