Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm sometimes a follower, so I'm following the trend to use pseudonyms on this blog. From now on I am Ms. Plum, my beloved is Mr. Silly Pants, and the children are Songbird (college girl), Twinkletoes (senior girl), Mr. Waffles (sophomore boy), Blueberry (Ethiopian adorable son), and our Finnish exchange student, Schwartz. Heheheeheh...Mr. Waffles assigned the names. I had to rule out anything with the word "poop" - that's how it rolls for 15 year old boys. Gads...he's nearly 16! I think I've changed all of the entries - what a time consuming thing to do!

Tomorrow night we'll all be out at a local cool restaurant with other cool people eating free food and celebrating our Plumpy'Nut campaign. That's right - a local restaurant is hosting a party for us! Yeah! Mr. Silly Pants is sending out reminders to all of his really generous co-workers. He's a good partner, and it's nice that he is personalizing his invitation for his kind co-workers.

Argh..I'm very tired. Did I mention I'm going to marry Mr. Silly Pants next week? Yes I am. We got our marriage license today and we'll marry next week. We designed beautiful wedding rings using the eternity knot from Celtic mythology. I think they'll be lovely - and unique - and ....perfect.

Finally, we wired the funds to Richard today. That was a big leap of faith for us. I'm relieved. I am relieved that in the last moment we deferred to trust instead of suspicion. I hope that makes sense to you readers. Big sigh of relief. As Mr. Waffles sits next to me working on his math homework, I am reminded of the privileges we all take for granted and the multitude of ways we can be responsible for crafting change.

G'nite all!


rebekah said...

Did you read Villa Incognito (Tom Robbins)? Might be a good place to base your new persona!

Have fun tomorrow night - I wistfully considered making the drive but the 'sky is falling' economy says I have to work.

Teena said...

You're getting married next week?!? Congratulations!!!