Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rock Star Dad

Let the record show, Blueberry thinks his dad is a rock star!!!! This boy has certainly already wrapped his Daddy tightly around his little finger. And rest assured, neither of them are complaining. In fact, both Blueberry and his Daddy are all smiles, all the time.

It's our last day here (with an overnight at a hotel for our Friday evening flight home) and we're all packed up and ready for the last leg of our journey home. One thing is certain, we will be back. We have loved our time in Ethiopia as our family has grown and blossomed in unexpected and delightful ways.

We are excited to bring our little Ethiopian boy home and ancitipate how easily he'll charm all of you!

Love and hugs...Ms. Plum (recovered enough to send off this e-mail!), Mr. Silly Pants, Songbird, Twinkletoes, Mr. Waffles, and Blueberry

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