Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gastrointestinal Distress

Hello, once again. Mr. Silly Pants here, continuing my work as intrepid biographer.

It's Wednesday August 13th here and things are going wonderfully. Well, almost.

Yesterday, Ms. Plum caught the stomach virus was going around, characterized by profound malaise and punctuated by intermittent bouts of vomiting and "other GI distresses." Unfortunately, this occurred while we were at the Embassy formalizing Blueberry's adoption. Ms. Plum suddenly got quite pale, turned to the rest of us and said, "I'm going outside."

After a bout of regurgitation which can only be described as "epic", Ms. Plum gathered up her strength, met with consular officials to sign the necessary paperwork, then headed out for another round.

In the midst of the misery, there was one funny twist, involving a security guard who walked over and asked, "Miss, are you okay?"

Plum's answer: "I'm sick - - - go away!!!"

(Never before has a US citizen been able to speak quite so curtly to a security guard without the eventual use of handcuffs - - - in this case, the guard smiled, waved and backed off.)

Today, our plum is much improved and all of us hope that the illness is behind her.

Blueberry, on the other hand, is doing wonderfully. He continues to be happy, healthy and gregarious, eating well and fussing only when he is hungry or needing to be changed. (Let the record show that Mr. Silly Pants has been taking care of this due to Ms. Plum's illness, including two bottles overnight and one particularly impressive diaper.)

Today will be spent getting to know each other, playing and bonding, while we await our final paperwork from the government. We are still planning on leaving this Friday, arriving home Saturday.

There is much else to tell, so much that we will need to cover it in messages over the months and years ahead. Perhaps most telling is the statement made by each of us as we get to know Blueberry and find our love for him growing without limit: there is a miracle taking place here.

More to come.

With much love,

The Crew

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